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Hey, my name is Walter Wofford, 

I have been a real estate investor for over 32 years. I have pretty much tried every type of real estate technique from rentals, lease options, whole saling, fixing and flipping, buying and selling with seller financing. Many consider me a expert in putting real estate deals together. Every day I get calls from all across the USA asking for advice on how to structure a deal. Many times people ask the same questions or don't have the basic information so we can talk at the same level. 

So I have decided to fix this. I have spent the last few years putting together a series of courses on seller financing, land trusts, personal property trusts, self directed IRA's and real estate marketing system.

I have put all my best secrets into this website "WalterWofford.com" so you can access this information 24x7 anywhere in the world.
Complete Real Estate Systems For:
Seller Financing
  • Buying With Seller Financing
  • Selling with Seller Financing
  • Creating Real Estate Notes
  • Creating Wraps
  • Protect Your Properties from Liens
  • Hide What You Own
  • Avoid Probate
Protecting Your Privacy
Self Directed IRA Investing
  • Rules and Regulations of IRA's
  • Buying real estate with your IRA
  • Selling real estate from your IRA
  • Real Estate Notes for your IRA
  • Creating wealth with your IRA
  • The Multiple Generational IRA Secret!
  • Finding Seller Finance Deals
  • Finding Deals Offline
  • Finding Deal Online
  • Under Ground Tricks of the Trade to find deals before anyone else knows about them.
Real Estate Marketing
IRA Fun Cruise Archives
  • Online Marketing
  • Offline Marketing
  • Trusts
  • Seller Financing
  • Self Directed IRAs
  • Non Performing Note Investing
Ted Style Talks from Leading Real Estate Investors
  • Walter Wofford
  • Quincy Long
  • Dyches Boddiford
  • Gordon Moss
  • Dawn Rickenbaugh
  • David Fernoglio
  • Steve Zehala
  • Scott Britton
  • David Phelps
  • Jeff Watson
  • Jack Shea
  • Jim Ingersol
Here What You Get:
  • Profitable Seller Financing Course - The Ultimate Seller Financing Course 
  • Strategies for IRA Investing - The Most Complete IRA Training Course
  • Real Estate Marketing Playbook - Offline & Online Marketing to find deals
  • Trust FireWalls - Everything you need to know about using Trusts for Privacy!
  • 100 Hours from the IRA Fun Cruise Video Archives
  • Monthly Coaching Calls
  • Access to Walter's Private Telephone Number
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